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As a chapter of the national organization, Conquering CHD Virginia's mission is to improve the lives of those with congenital heart disease and their families through direct support, education and advocacy.

Our Vision: CHD families & patients feel equipped, supported, & empowered to advocate for their needs and are confident in the quality of their care.


Through social, educational & advocacy events that connect CHD patients & families & distributing educational materials & care packages, the Conquering CHD of Virginia works directly with patients, families, medical professionals and partner organizations to help Conquer CHD.


State-wide activities include:

  • Conquering CHD Kits offering critical information and a personal connection for patients with CHD of all ages through individualized care packages

  • Social events providing a safe environment to celebrate life & simple joys together or to remember our loved ones together

  • Advocacy activities sharing our stories to improve federal research funding

  • Research promotion and participation helping promising developments become reality

  • Physician education improving understanding of congenital heart disease from the patient and family perspective

  • Online chat networks bringing people with similar experiences together

  • In-person peer support offering patients and families encouragement and insight from someone who has walked a similar path

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